Curated Collection: Coffee Table Books

When searching for personal gifts coffee table books are always our go-to. The reason we love gifting coffee table books so much is because you can make the gift as personal as you would like. Gifting is often a guessing game but when you are able to gift a book over a topic someone is passionate about you absolutely can’t go wrong.

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Whether you are on the hunt for a book to give a dear friend or something to give as a host/hostess gift choosing a book over something general such as flowers, cooking, travel, etc. is the perfect solution.

Not only do coffee table books make wonderful gifts, they are a great way to add a personal touch to your home {see our “Bookshelf Styling” post for more on this}. A home filled with personal elements creates an inviting atmosphere and nothing is more personal than filling your home with books that you adore. They are just as much conversation starters as they are statement makers.

A few favorites from of our personal collection are linked below.


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