Accessories Every Home Should Have

We believe that accessories are what complete a room.  While accessories should be tailored to your personal taste, there are a handful of items that we believe should be included in every home. A few of these items include: woven baskets, mirrors, candles, plants, decorative boxes and curiosities.



The item that serves the greatest purpose from this list would have to be woven baskets. A stylish basket is the best way to store practical household items such as blankets or children’s toys.



Another great way to incorporate layers into a design is through the use of trays. A classic silver tray can be used in many rooms including living areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms to name a few. A whimsical tray can be used to add color and is a great piece to style other accessories with.



Our favorite way to add dimension to a room is through the use of mirrors. Mirrors are the best way to trick the eye. They bounce light around the room often brightening up a dark corner as well as helping a small room appear larger.



Candles do more than the obvious of filling a home with your favorite scent; they also are a great addition to a bookshelf, coffee table, nightstand, etc. We love many candles, ranging from a classic Diptyque, to a fun Fornasetti or a holiday Nest candle. They are yet another great way to create dimension through the incorporation of tall taper candles height can be added to a dining table. Candles are also a great item to pick up on vacation, as it will serve as a reminder of the memories for months or even years to come.



Our favorite type of accessories would have to be curiosities. Curiosities range from souvenirs collected from travels to heirloom items collected or passed down over time.  These items are the most personal of the categories, which is why they’re so special to incorporate into any design.



We are big proponents of incorporating greenery into a home. Adding in plants such as orchids, fiddle leaf figs or succulents is the quickest (and sometimes most cost effective) way to add color to a room. Adding plants inside the home subconsciously marries the exterior to the interior ultimately making a home more cohesive.



Last but not least, decorative boxes are yet another functional accessory that we always include. The style and the placement of decorative boxes can be versatile meaning they can be moved around easily from table to bookshelves alike. Decorative boxes are also an accessory that can be found at an accessible price point to incorporate the mix of lows and highs.

We’ve sourced our favorite shops to find accessories for every different style, see our picks below…

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Shop for the traditionalist

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What style do you consider yourself to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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