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Styling a room can be compared to that of styling an outfit. There are various components, all of which can be styled in numerous ways. Often times the traditional route of styling a room is the most well known but we like to think outside the box when it comes to certain elements of a room, including art. While you certainly do not want blank walls, there are many other ways to incorporate art throughout a home.

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Our favorite way to display our favorite artists is by layering pieces. Whether you are filling space in a bookcase or have dead space on a kitchen countertop, adding in smaller scale artwork (or a combination) is a great styling tool.


Another great alternative to hanging art is to place it in a mounted acrylic frame that stands upright like a photo frame. This is yet another way to add dimension to a bookcase, console table or coffee table.

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As for what types of pieces we typically like to incorporate there are no bounds. We are suckers for art and typically do not favor a specific style, however we do enjoy mixing in highs and lows, as we do in every aspect of design. Aesthetically it’s nice to create a balance of old and new as well. Meaning we find it much more interesting to mix in contemporary pieces if a home’s furnishings are predominantly traditional.

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