Favorite Lamps

Sometimes small pieces in a room make the biggest impact. We believe this can always be said for lighting.


Whether you are adding in a lamp or lamps for functionality or as a finishing touch, there are endless options to choose from. See a few of our favorites below.

For the traditionalist:

You can never go wrong when incorporating traditional pieces into your design. The majority of the lamps from our personal collection consist of traditional ones that have moved with us along the years and that we will cherish as a part of our designs forever. A porcelain chinoiserie or solid crystal lamp will never go out of style.

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For the minimalist:

A huge benefit of incorporating a minimalistic piece (lighting in particular) into a room, aside from is chic, simplistic appearance, is the fact that it can be move from room to room. Minimalistic almost always equals transitional which is a fabulous way to include staple pieces that can be swapped around when you want to refresh a room or two. Minimalistic does not need to be boring either, sourcing a lamp that is a neutral but made out a textured material such as bone is the perfect middle ground.

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For the adventurist: 

While our selections for this category may not seem all that eccentric, the wonderful thing about lamps is you can adjust them to accurately represent your taste by recovering the shade and/or adding a finial. More often than not we fall in love with a lamp but the shade is lacking, which allows for the perfect opportunity to customize. We have said it many times but the devil is always in the details, and updating a light fixture’s shade or swapping the hardware is a wonderful way to elevate the look and create a wow factor moment.

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