Midweek Musings: Target Finds

This week’s midweek musings is focused on accessories that won’t break the bank. We are big proponents of mixing high and low items and are not ones to shy away from a fabulous find at Target. A carefully curated home consists of old and new as well as highs and lows and there is absolutely nothing wrong with mixing in bargain finds, this is especially true if you are a fan of trends. See a few of our favorite budget friendly accessories for every room.


Our favorite accessories to incorporate into a living room include boxes, frames and whimsical pieces for decor, none of which have to be high end items. As for entryways, we always find a small tray or two to use as a catchall for keys and other miscellaneous items.


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A kitchen is the easiest place to utilize budget friendly items. The use of an interesting cutting board or tray mixed with china or other investment pieces creates the perfect mix of highs and lows.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 4.24.11 PM.png

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The use of accessories in a bedroom, especially on a bedside table creates warmth. We never leave a bedside table without a lamp that compliments the room and picture frames to personalize the space. We tend to usually throw in a catchall tray as well to place jewelry and other items.


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There are two accessories that we believe to be the most versatile when it comes to bathrooms and those are trays and baskets. We always include a classic silver tray and sometimes another on our vanity to organize our products without cluttering up the countertop. Baskets of multiple sizes are always included in our bathroom designs because of the many uses. We use taller baskets as laundry hampers and smaller baskets for towels, hand towels or other miscellaneous bathroom items. This is particularly helpful if you are limited on drawer space but want to keep the bathroom looking organized.


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