Nest Candles

Interior design is so heavily focused on visuals and we often forget how other senses affect our perception of a space. For example, our sense of smell.


We love candles and always incorporate them in every space primarily because they are yet another way to personalize a space. We bring them home from our travels to remind us of where we have been but we certainly have our cult favorites as well. A mainstay that we always keep burning are our Nest candles. In fact, we are quite regimented when it comes to what Nest candle we burn when. See our “schedule” if you will below.

September/October: Pumpkin Chai, November: Hearth, December: Birchwood Pine and Holiday, January/February: Hearth, March through August: alternate between the cult favorite Bamboo, Ocean Mist and Sea Salt and Grapefruit.

A great alternative to candles are diffusers which we can be purchased in all the same scents to allow the home to be scented consistently without having to light candles so frequently.

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