Styling Children's Rooms and Playrooms

The style of a home should never be compromised when it comes to designing children’s rooms or playrooms. In fact, it should enhance the home and is the perfect outlet to add in whimsical elements that the rest of a home might otherwise be lacking. There are a few fun go-to’s we always incorporate when styling a space for children. On the blog today we have put some of our favorite styling accessories and listed them below. Children’s bedrooms or playrooms can still be beautiful and practical at the same time.



We love adding in a personalized touch wherever possible, and children’s spaces are no exceptions. A great example of this is swapping standard desk accessories that house art accessories for less boring alternatives such as previously used candles (i.e. Nest or Diptyque). Another tip is to store unsightly plastic toys or similar objects in baskets, with or without lids depending on what’s being stored.


 Art is the perfect way to tailor a room to a child’s personality. We love to pop a Gray Malin photo in a boy’s room or a playroom and usually incorporate a framed vintage scarf for a girl’s room. Not only will art tie the space together but it is the perfect avenue to mix in a higher price pointed item that cannot be easily damaged.


 Our favorite way to keep a kid’s room looking classic yet youthful is by incorporating a mix of antiques with modern pieces. We typically include a desk in children’s rooms and love when they have a little history and sophistication to them. An example would be pairing an antique desk with an acrylic ghost chair, upholstered in complementary fabric of course.


The best part of a children’s room is the collection of books. We love mixing in current books with classics. Books bring life and color to a room and can be placed throughout. They are also an easy tool to change up the space by moving stacks around or coordinating by color. We always include photo frames as well as heirloom pieces such as Herend for an added special touch.

McKenzie LaneComment